Podcast – When Your Healthy Pursuit Has Become Unhealthy

Has your healthy lifestyle actually become a problem?

Today, I cover important signs that’ll help you identify if, in fact, your — or someone you love — pursuit of health and fitness has skewed to the realm of unhealthy and what, if anything, can or should be done to improve the situation. 

I’ll also discuss perception versus reality re: health and how social media/influencers/reality stars/celebrities play a huge role in this area, too.


You’ll find out:

  • How I struggled with what it meant to be healthy when I was coming up in the fitness industry
  • Details on my intense “health” routine during my fitness career
  • Common threads among fitness professionals who came out (years later) about their unhealthy practices
  • The first sign things have gone too far re: your health (e.g., diet and exercise)
  • What is orthorexia and why it’s so often misdiagnosed
  • Red flags re: your pursuit of health
  • How I’ve evolved in how I think about food/drinks/exercise
  • How to reach out to a loved one who you feel has taken a wrong turn re: their health



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