How We Lost Weight Without Dieting

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Why is weight loss so hard? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could drop an extra five pounds without even trying? What if you could lose weight without counting calories, macros, or extreme workouts? Well, it is possible!

I’m sharing how I traded in restrictive diets for a balanced, holistic lifestyle. I started prioritizing my mental well-being, intuitive eating, and metabolic flexibility over counting every morsel I consumed. My approach is not just about shedding pounds but creating a sustainable, joyful lifestyle that focuses on self-love, a positive body image, and deeper connections with those you love.


Kicking Processed Snacks to the Curb: A Lifestyle Shift

My husband, Bret, and I took a bold step when we moved from California to Florida. This was the perfect moment to break some old, unhealthy habits. Instead of filling our pantry with crackers, chips, and protein bars, we opted for whole foods like cheese, fruits, and Greek yogurt.

Kicking out processed snacks didn’t just change our eating patterns; it altered our mindset. We began losing weight, not by depriving ourselves but by making better choices. It’s all about adapting your habits and creating an environment conducive to health.

Boosting Metabolic Flexibility Through Varied Exercise

Adding more movement to my daily life made all the difference. While I do focus on strength training five days a week, it was the simple act of walking that really moved the needle. Bret and I started walking 45-60 minutes daily. It wasn’t some military drill but leisurely strolls where we could enjoy each other’s company without the interference of technology.

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Why Stress-Less Eating Works Wonders for Weight Loss

One aspect of my life that underwent a significant transformation was my relationship with food. Gone are the days when I would obsess over “cheat meals” or stress about tracking macros to the last decimal point. Now, I listen to my body and eat intuitively, letting go of the unnecessary stress surrounding food.

Embracing Intermittent Fasting During Our European Getaway

When Bret and I traveled to Europe, we naturally gravitated towards intermittent fasting. Thanks to jet lag and the laid-back mornings, skipping breakfast became the norm. We simply drank coffee until we felt hungry enough for lunch. We didn’t count calories or feel guilty for eating pastries; we just enjoyed ourselves while being mindful of our choices.

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How European Lifestyles Inspired Us to Be More Active

Our time in Europe gave us more than just great memories; it offered us a glimpse into an active lifestyle seamlessly incorporated into daily routines. People there walk everywhere: to dinner, back home, and even for leisure after meals. We embraced this mindset and continued our evening walks when we got back home, further enriching our physical and emotional well-being.

Finding Harmony for Sustainable Weight Loss

The cornerstone of my weight loss journey was not a stringent diet plan or a rigorous exercise routine. Instead, it was about finding harmony between nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being. When you remove the stress and the unrealistic expectations from your weight loss journey, you allow your body to respond positively.

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The Takeaway: Achieving Weight Loss Without Sacrificing Happiness

So, what have I learned from losing 9% body fat and nearly nine pounds? That weight loss doesn’t have to be a series of sacrifices and struggles. By focusing on adding good habits and a balanced approach to life, the weight naturally started to come off. 

Remember, it’s not about doing everything right but about finding a harmonious, adaptable approach to life, food, and relationships.

If you want to dive deeper into this, listen to episode #1024 of The Chalene Show here or watch it on YouTube.

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