Podcast – Caring for Aging Parents | Part 1

In this episode, you’re a fly on the wall of a very candid conversation between Bret and I as we open up about his father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s and how it affects our entire family. This particular show is extra special because I recently took to Social Media and asked if anyone would like to share their journey with aging parents — in the hopes it might help others. You’ll hear some of those powerful, emotional, comforting, educational, heart-rending, and very real responses today.


You’ll find out:

  • How Bret feels about his father’s change in personality (and what that change is)
  • Why Bret is doing better this last week about his dad’s health
  • Why taking care of an ailing family member will never be “fair”
  • Is it an obligation to take care of a declining parent?
  • How does Bret define “doing the best I can” in regard to taking care of an aging parent
  • Why you must have conversations with your parents when they’re lucid about how they want to be looked after
  • What you should do if you think your elderly relative shouldn’t be driving anymore (but they insist in continuing to do so)
  • How the new dynamic between Bret’s mom and dad has affected Bret
  • Why Bret has more empathy for his mom today than he did prior
  • Why I may not do 5 podcasts a week moving forward this year
  • Why support groups didn’t work for Bret’s mom
  • Why my grandma’s new care facility has totally changed the game for her quality of life
  • The blessings and different perspectives Bret sees from this new life-changing chapter



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