Podcast — Charity and Philanthropy During the Holidays – #10Envelopes Challenge

Do you give to charities? If so, is it something you practice all year round or do you, like many, amp up your donations during the holidays? And what are your thoughts on giving publicly vs anonymously? Well, today you’ll learn that I come at this broad topic from a very unique perspective! Plus, I’ll also share what my family and I do to give back during the holiday season, specifically. Make sure you stay tuned till the end for the #10Envelopes CHALLENGE!



You’ll find out:

  • Why I started the Chalene Show Team, and for which charity it belongs to
  • What Bret and I have always tried to instill in our children during this time of year
  • How / why we donated anonymously for years and years
  • When, how, and why my family started the envelope tradition
  • Real-life stories of my family’s experience with giving to people in need
  • What the Bible tells us about doing good deeds
  • Why I decided to come out publicly about our envelope tradition
  • What happens when we’re more public about our philanthropy
  • A personal message from Winn Claybaugh about why he does his particular charity and how it ties into his overall beliefs
  • The difference between macro-donations and micro-donations and the reason I support being public about the micro
  • Details about the #10Envelopes Challenge


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Join me in reaching my donation goal this Holiday Season by going here: International Justice Mission

Learn more about The Paul Mitchell School Charities at FunRaising

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