Chubby Kid Mentality

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 7.39.06 AMToday’s episode is for anybody who has struggled with body issues or anybody who helps today’s children develop positive attitudes towards their own bodies, especially parents and teachers. Chalene talks with entrepreneur and fitness instructor, Mindy Lawhorne, about her personal struggles with her self-image from childhood. While not the heaviest child in her grade, due to her own perceptions of herself (fueled unintentionally by some in her family), Mindy always felt less than she was actually worth. Her story is ultimately a triumphant one – she’s successful, happy, and has a beautiful family – but, it’s still a good reminder to all of us that what we say to a child can make a big difference in their lives – both positively or negatively. So, listen to Mindy’s story and then make sure you let everyone around you know that they’re loved for who they are.


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