Podcast – Health Club Pet Peeves, People Watching and Nightmare Neighbors

Friday episodes have quickly become a fan favorite and this week should be no exception! I spill the tea on everything going on in my life.

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Today’s episode starts with my typical personal journal-style observations. I’m talking all things gym pet peeves! From what people wear to flirting to how they exercise. And then Bret joins in and shares his own unfiltered (as only he can) gym annoyances.

THEN… you’ll get a rare sneak peek into the Patreon Experience! This excerpt features a shocking story of living more than a decade at the mercy of a nightmare neighbor. Can’t miss!


You’ll find out:

  • General pet peeves as voted by my audience on Instagram
  • Why/how it’s so easy to lose track of time at the gym (scrolling, etc.)
  • Observations on what people wear at the gym
  • The attention people seek at the gym (guys vs gals)
  • How people watching differs per gym
  • Thoughts on singlehood and dating apps
  • The creeper at the gym who makes my skin crawl

Al the details on my neighbor from hell:

  • How she complained about my dogs’ collars
  • How she complained about my air conditioning
  • How she blamed me for “breaking all her fingers”



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