How To Co-Create Your Next Offer With Your Community

I feel there are two really important parts when it comes to marketing: 1) build anticipation and 2) make your audience feel like they’re co-creators. In this Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll explain why so many new entrepreneurs think they need to create something perfect before offering it to their customers or audience. I’ll also share past mistakes with my own products and tips to help you take the perfectionism out of creating your next offer/product — while still involving your customers (and building excitement) along the way.


You’ll find out:

  • Examples of why marketers / brand owners fear putting their product out into the world
  • Why you must start thinking of your community as your friend
  • Why it’s imperative to speak to your community at the earliest stages of building your product
  • How to communicate with your community
  • How my community is involved with my product creation(s)
  • The product launch that was my biggest (because my community was so involved in the process)
  • My assignment for you



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