What a Week! Plus, Confronting A Family Secret

To say this has been a difficult season for my family… would be an understatement. While I can’t get into too much information, I’ll do my best to recap and share a few details. Not to mention, I’ll provide updates on my vocal cord issue, dress for Brock’s wedding, and more!

However, the main content today is a surprise from Patreon — The Vault Level!

In this very special episode, I asked my Mom and Dad to join me. I had a question I needed to ask them about a family secret that was kept only from me. And it left me reeling for a period of time. I have never asked them about this before. But before we get to that I warmed them up by getting their perspective on young marriage, parenting, discipline, giving advice where it hasn’t been asked for and how to have more energy. 

Trigger Warning: We do talk about domestic violence and addiction in this episode. 

PS… After I listened back to the audio, I think the “bridge jumping” story might need some context. Backstory — I was hanging out with some much older, much wilder older boys, in a small blue collar town where fun was hard to come by and jumping off a very tall bridge seemed like a fun dare to take. I suppose it still hasn’t hit me how dangerous that was. In fact, I thought it was so cool I couldn’t wait to tell my parents about what I had just done. They had a very different reaction than what I expected. In fact, I think they’re still a little mad at me about that one. 

Let me know your takeaways and observations about young marriage, discipline and family secrets.


You’ll find out:

  • Why I’m so excited for Brock’s wedding
  • Why I have no patience in the kitchen (including, my weird concoction)
  • Details on my Patreon tiers
  • My parents thoughts on my kids getting married so young
  • Why I’m not worried about my kids getting married at their young age
  • The one thing I would do differently (as a parent) than my parents
  • The hardest part of parenting for my parents (especially during the teen years)
  • How to not meddle in your children’s lives
  • What my parents feel about how transparent I am with them
  • How my parents were walking a tight rope during Bret’s gambling addiction
  • How/why my parents still have so much energy
  • What are the Senior Games




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