Curiosity Marketing Strategies to Blast Your Social Media

Build Your Tribe
EP. 216

What was working on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter just six months ago is NO LONGER performing.

Today, on Build Your Tribe, I’m gonna give you some answers. I will give you some strategies you can implement into building your brand… TODAY.

There are rules, but the rules change ALL. THE. TIME. You have to learn to understand and accept that these rules will fluctuate quickly. You have to commit to paying attention.

This whole episode technically revolves around “curiosity marketing”. A simple way to look at curiosity marketing is that it is any post generated by you that sparks a conversation. Now, you don’t want to be a slave to your phone or to social media, so I’m gonna teach how to balance your engagement on your social platforms.

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Curiosity Marketing: My 3 Rules
1.Shared words are for the birds.
2.Likes and follows wear thin questions for the win.
3.Don’t tell me you plan to sell me.

I will elaborate on these rules in this episode, click here to listen in!

I hope you enjoy this episode! Feel free to hit me up on the socials if you have any questions, recommendations, or thoughts… OR send me a message on SpeakPipe!

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Questions Asked in This Episode
1.What is “curiosity marketing” ? (7:50)
2.How do you “win” on social media? (11:08)
3.And so much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1.Social media has shifted in the last year to be more personal (4:50)
2.The reason why Facebook introduced their algorithm (5:15)
3.My metric for success with the use of stories and LIVE ( 8:20)
4.How to experiment with content on social media (12:34)
5.Don’t share things that… (12:55)
6.The only way to get people to ask questions (13:21)
7.You know you’re not being authentic when… (13:38)
8.And so much more…


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