Day 1 In NYC, How We Got Out Of Debt

Join Bret and I on the streets of New York City as we embark on day one of what should be an exciting 30-day adventure!

In this episode, I answer questions from YOU about how we got out of $400k (plus) debt, including: how we were able to avoid filing for bankruptcy and, eventually, pay back our debt, life changes that had to be made, help we asked for and how the #InezFactor really made a difference. Also, you’ll hear a surprising update on our plans for the beach house and, not to mention, book and meditation recommendations to help with your mindset!


You’ll find out:

  • Why our drive to the airport took so crazy long
  • Our experience on Jet Blue Mint
  • Plans for Thanksgiving
  • Why, I feel, if you can afford to do something – you should
  • Certain areas in life where I (and Bret) still have a scarcity mindset
  • Why I always knew our debt was temporary
  • When I started to feel safe and comfortable talking with Bret about issues I was feeling (early in our marriage)
  • The first year we were profitable and why
  • What to do when problems feel insurmountable
  • What’s up with Monkey (our dog)
  • Updates you will get on Patreon
  • My upcoming moving meditation and how YOU inspired it




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