Podcast – Don’t Make This Mistake When Hiring Help | Quick Tip Tuesday

Are you ready to hire a new team member? Have you hired someone in the past who just didn’t work out? Do you feel overwhelmed with no time to grow your business? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Episode is for you! On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll explain why you should be looking to hire! Whether it’s your first part-time temporary team member or someone to add to your already growing team! And in my true style, I’ll also supply the steps you need to take to get it done right!


You’ll also find out…

  • The #1 suggestion I have for any entrepreneur (and the biggest mistake I made)
  • An example of a famous YouTuber who outsources his editing and why
  • Why it’s crucial to document how you’re spending all of your time
  • Resources for your very first hire
  • The right countries to hire team members from
  • The importance of hiring someone part time and temporary
  • How our podcasting system flow works at Team Johnson
  • Why you can’t name someone who’s making 7-figures and doing it all on their own



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