Do’s And Don’ts Of An Extended Vacation

As my current vacation comes to an end, I have learned even more about the traveling process, including: preparing, packing and planning. So today, I’ll provide my strategies for creating a packing list, what I found most useful to have on the trip and what things we didn’t need to bring. I’ll also share my opinions on where to go, what to do and why I fell in love with certain locations. 

You’ll hear me dig deep on why it’s important to create goals that’ll help you get excited about the future and the power of having something to look forward to.

I hope this episode inspires you to make plans to travel when the time is right!  For all items referenced in this episode, be sure to access my Amazon favorites!

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You’ll find out:

  • My packing habits vs Bret’s packing habits
  • Why I brought 2 big bags on this trip
  • Thoughts on packing certain apparel items
  • Things I wish I had brought on this trip
  • What I learned I didn’t need to bring on this trip
  • Thoughts on portable WiFi
  • Products that made my travels so much easier
  • The most romantic room I’ve ever stayed in
  • Where I wish we stayed longer/shorter
  • Deep truth on Greece, from Mykonos to Paros to Santorini
  • Why this was the trip of a lifetime




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