Podcast- How My Hubby and I Evaluate Business Growth and Reallocate Resources

Getting Ready for Our Most Productive Year

Tune in to an informal car-ride conversation between myself and my husband Bret as we talk over our business growth goals for the upcoming year. We discuss how we need to be better with checking in on all areas of our business, including all streams of income and the game plan corresponding to each. This conversation should be super helpful to those of you who perhaps excel more on the creative side than you do with calculating numbers and making your business more profitable.

Business growth is a lot like parenting, that is if you have more than one child. For instance, as a parent, it is your duty to make sure both children are being provided for and taken care of. A parent doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) invest more time into one child’s success and happiness than the other. Your business is the same way, as there are many facets that support your success and contribute to your income. All facets must receive equal attention, whether they seem to be of big or small importance. Realizing this will help you feel in order and you’ll definitely be in line to see some killer business growth.

I hope you enjoyed listening to this casual conversation between my husband and me! I think it’s nice we have this recorded because we can definitely go back and listen to this throughout the year to remind ourselves of what our goals are and to track our progress. Can’t wait to take on the New Year with you guys. As always, thanks for your support… I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

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