Everyone Is Getting Hacked | Here’s How to Avoid And Prevent It

Social media platforms recently have experienced a huge surge of accounts that have either been disabled, deleted, or hacked. And it’s irrelevant whether you have 200 followers or 2 million followers — it takes hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to gain any sort of following. So, getting hacked… is devastating for everyone.

While I have done previous episodes on protecting yourself from getting hacked, there is new game-changing information you need to know about. Today, I share updates in regard to: how accounts are set up, how to access your account and how to share your password. I’ll also reveal ways in which hackers try to access your accounts. 

It’s really important that, as you listen to this episode, you do the steps as they’re outlined in real time. Hence, if you’re listening in the car or in the middle of a workout, make sure to relisten and apply the steps at a later time. 



You’ll find out:

  • I walk you through the Instagram app to ensure your settings are best re: protection
  • Why you need to download a password manager
  • Why you should think of your social media as a bank account
  • Why 2-factor authentication is a must
  • I walk you through the same process for Facebook
  • How to navigate all the above with a team
  • Language scammers will use to rope you (and your friends/family) in
  • How to practice good password hygiene




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