Podcast – Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Brand and Deepen Your Tribe, with Aprille Franks

When it comes to Facebook Groups, I thought I had it all dialed in. But I was in for a rude awakening after having my guest, Aprille Franks, on today’s show! You’ll hear Aprille break down everything, including: many exciting changes with Groups and new ways to utilize them that’ll help build your brand and tribe online. And the best part? It doesn’t take much work to implement all this stuff NOW! Get ready to take notes because this info is just too good.


You’ll also find out:

  • Aprille’s backstory
  • Why shifting the mindset around your FB Group is essential
  • Should your community be free?
  • The importance of aligning your business objectives with your Group goals
  • Suggestions on private vs public Groups and rules / settings for each
  • What is archiving / cleaning up a Group
  • Thoughts on parameters re: Rules for members in Groups
  • What frustrates me about FB Groups, personally
  • The importance of having a moderator for your Group
  • Different roles for moderators Aprille has for her Groups
  • How often to post in Groups to provide value, yet doesn’t become overwhelming
  • How strategies differ between types of Groups
  • How higher level Facebook Groups stand apart
  • Why using Insights / Metrics for Groups will give you a leg up
  • Why it’s crucial to curate the culture of your Group
  • Why you must start with your core values when establishing your community
  • How to convert Group members from freebies into paid clients
  • Why you shouldn’t only communicate with your Group when there’s something for them to buy
  • Aprille’s personal take on companies that didn’t address race relations in 2020



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