Podcast – Facebook and Instagram Shutting Down Accounts without Warning

Back in 2014, when I created “Build Your Tribe,” I was hoping for several things. To help listeners:

  • Build their following on social media
  • Start a business
  • Find ways to make extra income

But more than all things, I have been stressing that the only real estate you really truly own… is your email list. And recent scary headlines in the news confirms this truth.

What you’ll hear in today’s episode is not new to my audience, but the reminder is more relevant than ever! So, make sure you listen and be prepared to make some changes!


You’ll find out…

  • What most people are looking for when they’re following accounts on IG
  • Should you have a themed or feature account on IG?
  • What’s the real deal with meme / feature / themed accounts being shut down?
  • About the time my Facebook account was shut down
  • Personal messages I’ve received from people who have had their accounts disabled and/or removed
  • Why it’s NOT unfair to have your account shut down



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