How To Settle Family Disputes | Dear Chalene

Family can bring joy and happiness, but it can also bring sorrow, grief, stress and anxiety. 

On the last episode, I talked about sibling strife and — oh boy! — did it strike a cord with so many listeners! Suggestion: listen to that show before this one (if possible).

So, being as I received so many questions asking for advice in regard to siblings and other family relationships, today, I’ve decided to play the role of Dear Abby. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that every situation is unique and I can’t possibly know every single detail. That said, I do my absolute best to put myself in the shoes of the question asker and give recommendations based on the information provided.


Questions asked:

  • What do you do about a sibling who has cut you out of their life and you don’t know why?
  • My adult children don’t put forth any effort to have a relationship (with each other), advice?
  • How to handle family gatherings when your adult children are estranged
  • How to handle estrangement from one’s siblings (when they don’t support your choices)?
  • How to deal with strife and conflict financial or physical when it comes to caring for aging parents?
  • How should the older child deal with the reality of always getting tough love from their parents, but their younger sibling was (and still is) constantly spoiled ?
  • What to do if you’re the person who everyone in the family dumps on about everybody else?
  • How to handle a sibling who’s always one-upping and bragging? 
  • How to communicate your feelings with a sibling that they never put forth any effort to maintain the relationship?
  • How do I handle my sibling never validating my accomplishments?
  • What do I do about my adult sibling who relies on my parents financially?
  • What do I do about a super judge-y sibling who doesn’t agree with my choices?



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