Podcast – Understanding Sibling Strife

Sibling strife can be the most painful, confusing and gut-wrenching relationship of your life. But why is that? 

Even if you’re an only child, understanding how sibling relationships impact our friendships, marital relationships, and family dynamics will open your eyes and help you to make sense of otherwise unexplained conflict. 

I break down the top 10 reasons why adult siblings have conflict. So, if you want to feel normal about your dysfunctional adult sibling relationship(s), listen to this episode to understand how rare a healthy and connected adult friendship between siblings is and how to cope when the only safe option is to cut ties.


You’ll find out:

  • Why this subject took me by surprise
  • How children may be parented differently (re: birth order)
  • Disadvantages of being the youngest child
  • My own sibling relationships
  • Why you shouldn’t force a close relationship with your sibling
  • How parental favoritism may affect your sibling relationship
  • How conflict among siblings may be generational
  • How your family environment plays a role in sibling relationships
  • How abandonment might be a theme in your sister/brother relationship
  • How comparison factors into adult sibling strife
  • How our siblings can trigger us like no one else
  • Why today’s siblings are less close with each other (hint: devices)
  • Why/how adult siblings get stuck over past grievances (unable to ever let go)
  • Why our emotional intelligence goes out the window when it comes to our siblings
  • How I view the relationship between my own kids



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The Birth Order Book – Kevin Leman

Cain’s Legacy – Jeanne Safer

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