How to Create Amazing Friendships

The Chalene Show
EP. 266

In this podcast, I will be talking about how YOU can create an amazing circle of friends!

This topic has been highly requested, especially after sharing about the girl’s trip I recently took with my closest friends to Park City, Utah! But hey… don’t worry! I’m not going to ramble on about my trip through this whole episode, BUT I will for sure give you some examples of things I do to plan outings with my friends. I’ll also touch on HOW to select the right people to spend time with.

For starters, your mentality is so important. If you feel like you’re the one that always makes the executive decisions or carries out the planning process, that’s because YOU are good at it! It’s easy to feel resentful after putting loads of time and effort into a social gathering or excursion when you receive nothing in return. But don’t feel discouraged. You are talented and have the ability to provide that sense of order to your group of friends, feel grateful for that! I’ll share you my thoughts on how to reshape your mindset in this episode.

This episode is NOT just for the girls! Boys are welcome here too. Let’s be real, EVERYONE wants to have a good time and EVERYONE wants to have a good laugh. Therefore, whether you are male or female, I know that you can relate to and apply these tips to your life.

If you’d like to hear more on this topic, please hit me up on the socials and let me know what questions you may have OR what else you’d like to hear. Just make sure to use the hashtag… #ChaleneShow so I can find you!


Some of the Questions Asked in This Episode
1. How do you make new friends? Or if you have friends, how do you organize something together? AND how do you know WHO to invite? (1:55)
2. Do you desire having a close circle of friends, yet you don’t know how to create it? (10:20)
3. Chalene asks in a survey to her Snap followers: What’s the one thing you are looking for when inviting a new person to your circle of friends? (11:30)
4. Are people just showing up to have a good time or do they really care about each other? (21:30)
5. And much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. What it means to have a group of “ride or dies” (2:20)
2. Your social gatherings are never gonna happen if you keep doing this… (4:25)
3. The first step to organizing a social gathering with your friends (4:44)
4. There’s nothing less attractive than… (10:25)
5. How many people you need to start your circle of friends with (10:50)
6. You’ll never get invited to be in a circle of friends if you… (12:30)
7. In order to really have a cohesive group, you must… (13:28)
8. How to revisit your past connections with old friends (13:58)
9. How to be open to meeting new faces (16:22
10. How to invite yourself (16:45)
11. How to find a community to belong to (22:15)
12. And much more…


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