How to Earn More in the Next 90 Days

In this episode I am going to take you through what to do in the next 90 days to earn more money.  There are multiple approaches to this, but this is how we’ve helped people in our mentorship develop and grow their business.

We are going to focus on your business.  So here’s a quick little tip.  When someone asks you what you do, don’t just spit out the name of the business.  Tell people what you DO! You help people!

“I help people start their own fitness company.”

“I help people get back in touch with their spouse so they feel more connected to each other.”

“I help people get back in touch with their faith.”

What do you help others do.  So take the corporation or businesses name out of your social media account.

So lets talk about how we’re going to make the next 90 days the most productive and the most profitable.  Grab a pen and pad of paper.. and get ready to take some notes!

  1. Set your 10 goals – that need to be accomplished in the next 90 days.
  2. Set your goals in present tense as if you are currently doing them!
  3. Your goals need to be specific and measurable.
  4. In the next 90 days, invest in something that scares you and moves your business forward.  So for example, this can be an online academy to teach you something specific for your business, it could be a seminar, a new iPhone, a new website, etc.. I just want you to invest in something that makes you a little nervous.  What will make your business move faster!
  5. Create an action plan.
  6. Each week I want you to do something that makes your significant other feel incredibly significant.
  7. Commit to do that “thing” that you really know moves your business forward.  Then I want you to determine an amount of hours per week that your going to do it.
  8. What are you going to give up in the next 90 days.
  9. Set a weekly fitness goal, because this is going to make you more productive!
  10. Set a weekly goal of restoration. Set a goal that each week you’re doing something restorative.
  11. Schedule 1 mastermind in the next 90 days.
  12. Set a specific 90 day goal related to your earnings.
  13. The last thing I want you to do is create a push goal that makes number 12 happen!!!

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