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This episode will help make it easier to let go of things you’ve been hanging on to for years — but really have no need for. I share super useful questions to ask yourself when struggling with deciding to keep something or let it go. Pro tip: If you’ve downloaded the workbook, use it to write these questions down so they’re handy when you start getting rid of all the clutter! 


You’ll find out:

  • Why the New Year is a time for reflection
  • What happens to focus when there’s clutter
  • Why simply organizing will not help you
  • How mindset plays a role in your daily clutter
  • What is the Swedish Death Style of Decluttering
  • Why you should feel guilty holding onto items you don’t need
  • The true intent behind a gift
  • ALL the things that may be laying around the house — from the kitchen to office to bedroom — that you need to get rid of NOW



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