How to Instantly Have Double the Energy

This episode is all about ramping up your energy level! So lets dive in to my simple and effective tips!

  1. Sit up straight – pull your shoulders back, open up your chest, and pretend like your getting a school picture taken.  You’ll feel your energy level immediately go up. You’re own body language has an instant impact on your energy!  Even if no one else is around, change your body language and immediately your energy level will improve.
  2. Your emotional well being – I know you’ve had times in your life where there’s just some emotional stuff going on.  Your emotional state takes an incredible state on your physical energy.  I just want you to be aware of this during those times. When going through something like this, you must get more sleep, take things off your plate, and not be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself permission to slack in another area that’s not as important.
  3. Workout! Exercise! it feels counterintuitive, but its not! So here’s a tip, if you are currently under a lot of stress, studies show that you should stay away from long endurance cardio based workouts… these tax your adrenal glands which can then subsequently effect how your body stores fat.  What you should be doing, is a workout that makes you feel strong, helps you feel centered, and doesn’t beat you up.
  4. Nutrition – when we’re tired, we have a tendency to eat things that aren’t good for us! When our stress levels are high, we crave the worst food!!! Then we eat it and feel bad about ourselves! We go into “why did I just eat that?” This is a downward cycle.  When your questioning the amount of energy you have, you should look at your food.  Most things that you put in your body are either going to increase your energy or decrease your energy.  So if you feel like crap, then look at what your putting in your mouth.  The worst thing for you, Energy drinks!!!! Your body begins to depend on the energy provided by an external source and stops producing what your body needs to have energy.

Listen above to get the rest of the tips!

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