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Bret and I are back from what we consider our first real vacation together. Our unforgettable experience inspired this episode! Now, whether or not you’ve got a trip coming up, it’s important to know how to recharge in your everyday life. Today, you’ll find out the actions and mindset shifts you need to create in order to make this a possibility for you!


You’ll learn:

  • Why most people can’t unplug
  • How to truly unplug
  • How you can keep accountable to rebooting from home
  • Whether or not you should jump full force back into work upon your return from traveling
  • How to really replenish when on vacation
  • Why you must have the right team behind you
  • Why the question, “What matters to me more than anything?” is crucial to understand and answer accurately
  • How you must get on the same wavelength with those you’re traveling with
  • How I stayed in an unplugged state during our trip
  • The actions we put in place in order to disrupt our usual patterns
  • The question to ask yourself when things are different and go well
  • The steps we put in place that allowed us to extend our vacation spontaneously
  • A mini staycation goal you should shoot for



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