I Can’t Lose Weight | Metabolism Adaptation

I’ve been hearing from so many of you that you are struggling to lose weight.  Whatever “diet” direction you chose to go, you’ve maybe had success, but now find yourself plateaued and unable to continue on your weight lose journey.

80% or more of your weight lose comes from your diet, not your fitness routine.  

80% of what you look like is determined by something other than exercise… which encompasses your age, height, sleep, and stress level.  You body is machine and is constant battle for adaptation.

Our bodies do not like to be tricked! 

So when you begin restricting your calories, or taking Intermittent Fasting to the extreme, and you body all of a sudden stops losing weight, it’s because your body has figured out what it is your doing and fights for adaptation.  It strives for balance.  Your body says, “Oh, okay. If you’re going to restrict your calories, then to make sure you survive, I’m going to slow down your metabolism.”  It might feel like your body is working against you, but really its working for you!

So this episode is all about giving you the tips you need!

WEIGHT LOSE TIPS in this episode:

  • Change it up!
  • Restricting calories???
  • Doing too much causes you to not lose weight and plateau
  • Reseting your metabolism
  • Why protein is important to reset your metabolism
  • Cardio versus weight lifting
  • The importance of muscle

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