Instagram Subscriptions – How Does It Work?

Instagram’s latest feature is Subscriptions. On this Quick Tip Tuesday, Brock breaks down how it works, what you’re able to offer and what the pricing could look like. He also shares what he, himself, will offer and not offer to his Subscription members. As for all new features on Instagram, not everyone gets them all at once. So be patient, because Subscriptions will roll out to everyone, eventually.


You’ll find out:

  • Why Brock feels Subscriptions will affect the future of the platform
  • What happens when someone subscribes currently
  • The rate you, as the creator, can set your monthly subscription
  • How Subscription will turn IG into a marketplace
  • Brock’s predictions on how people will utilize this new Subscribe button
  • Who will be the most successful when implementing Subscriptions
  • How to unlock/earn this new feature
  • What Brock will be offering on his Subscriptions



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