Is Instagram Dead? What About Snapchat?

Okay let me start of a brief overview, the first thing you have to understand is the number one ingredient when it comes to Instagram actually when it comes to any form of social media. Is patience. Social media also all social media platforms having success in them is about relationship building there is no secret formula there is no magical way to build a relationship of other than trust and as we know trust is built over time. and even though know that your account is an account that they can trust and have the type of content that they are looking for.

So I encourage you to practice patience and persistence number two,  action you must take action while I know it is tempting it is to fly through around all these lessons consume it all at once but may I urge you to stop after each lesson and create for yourself an action plan what do you need to do differently what course of action must you take tomorrow to begin to regret to return your investment and investment of your time on social media if you don’t take action nothing changes and the people who are killing it and their business by using social media are people who aren’t just listening to these ideas but they’re taking action number three understand that all social media platforms change. Ad they change we have to adopt and adapt we have to figure out what is working how to change course and how to continue to dominate that platform as it continues to morph. Instagram is strong and getting stronger.

Number four there are only guidelines in this course well many experts love to tell you this is the only way to do something you must do it this way and to be honest I even caught myself saying these things that the facts remains each one of us has a different situation I would share with you best practices but please no there’s always exceptions. You know what is best for you, do your diligence. I offer you my opinion and best practices but ultimately no one knows your target audience or your lifers the way you do. Number five accept that your return an investment is determined by your effort. I am going to give you the tools the know how and understanding. I am going to share resources and case studies and best practices but all of it will not if you don’t put any effort. And I know sometimes I am uncomfortable here people wants a magic bullet they want some quick shortcut way to master their business and grow their social media accounts you have already invested in the ultimately investment shortcuts and that is by investing by experts. I personally have saved myself hundred and thousands of dollars and hundred of thousands of hours once I realized that it was a critical investment for me to take a chance on experts and experts that who can show me the shortest route possible to success and that is what we are going to do here today. That however did not negate the fact I had to put in the work as will you and number seven, have fun , don’t worry about making mistakes often times I will find that people want affirmation Chalene should I do this or that, shall I post this kind of photo or this kind of video? And they got so caught up in their fear of failure that they fail to just act and the only way you can fail is by not trying ‘cause if your trying that is not going to work that is not failure that is an experiment you just got to put it out there and see what works and adjust course when it is not going well so you that you can just keep making it better and better and better but don’t be afraid to experiment don’t be afraid to try things out and most of all don’t be afraid to be you I mean that is what people are attracted to they have been looking for someone just like you let’s make sure for in fact that you should stand in Instagram what if you are very distracted by all these other apps and wondering in fact where you should spend your time you are questioning and you are wondering Instagram is still a viable platform well get excited because it is and it isn’t a big way even though Instagram became very popular several years ago. Its popularity continues to increase why do think face book invested so much money into the development of Instagram.

First of all Instagram has over five hundred million monthly active users, it said daily that 80 million people use Instagram and that means twenty percent of the internet is using Instagram, your mom is using Instagram, your dad is using Instagram, your aunt, your uncle, your bank, your gas station, everyone is using Instagram and it continues to grow so why are we so tempted to jump ship when there is a new app out snapchat and not that snapchat is terribly new but everybody is talking about it and PHOMO starts to set in fear of missing out, well let me just put your mind at ease or maybe just help you understand the demographics of these two apps and platforms so you can make the best informed decision on what you should be spending your time.

First of all as I have said that Instagram has nearly five hundred million monthly users, 80 million photos shared per day, 3.5 Billion likes per day. Snapchat on the other hand has hundred million daily active users and the demographic or the age range for the typical Snapchat user is 60 percent of them between the ages 13 and 34 and they are on their smart phones. So it is a younger crowd on Snapchat and if that’s where your demographic remains, and that is your target audience you need to have a Snapchat strategy in place as well but that does not negate the fact that even in the younger demographic there’s bigger audience that continue to grow on Instagram and keep in mind that every social media platform almost without exception will target a younger demographic when it first becomes popular and then all those social media marketers the brands and business people they all show up and they ruin it for everybody just kidding actually we make it much cooler but when boredom quote the old people we will show up the young people search for a new app so I guess what I am saying is don’t feel like you need to jump ship there’s millions literally millions and millions and millions of people who are dying to become your customers and they are right there on Instagram which is an app where we can engage we cam build our brand we can direct message our content doesn’t disappear and we can run advertising BINGO from this demographic created sprout social twenty two percent of daily users are male and twenty percent being female so it is close little bit of female than men over fifty percent of the users are the age bracket between the 18 to 29 a good twenty-five percent though are in age range of  30- 49 and even eleven percent in the 50-60 four percent range and what I have notice as a trend in the years that I have been teaching Instagram is that the demographic continues to get older and their annual income continues to increase that is pretty cool the number one reason why I choose to focus my time on Instagram at the moment versus Snapchat is because of engagement despite the popularity in fact that everybody are talking about other apps, I continue to believe that Instagram is the ultimate place for you to build a brand and a relationship because of engagement because people are allowed to comment on each other’s post and mention their friends, It is the ultimate referral it is a testimonial and it is free.

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All right in the rare event that you may be the unicorn who doesn’t have the Instagram app but downloaded to their phone that is your first homework assignment download the Instagram app, be sure to create a user name and create a profile what people can expect or need to know about you and later in this course we will talk about how to maximize your bio but for now just fill out that information so that I can get you on this platform so that you can spend some time getting to know this very cool app. You will find it tremendously helpful, there are just so many cool things that Instagram has done recently of course I am very excited to in two factor authentication but unfortunately it has not rolled out to everyone but side note if you do have Instagram please be sure to go on your settings and make sure you have check the box that ensures that your account is protected with two factor  authentication I digress. All the cool things like one minute videos, how awesome they have made it to help you find your target audience and interact with the right people and just the changes they made for the hashtags, advertising and so much more. I am still a huge fan of Instagram and when I checked out many of the platforms, this is where I will find my lifers, I find my lifers on Instagram and on Face book and of course YouTube and Pinterest but Instagram it is my number two number one is Face book but my number two it is actually my number one when I think about Free leads, It is Instagram and it is not just my Instagram for Chalene Johnson but I have dozens of featured accounts, accounts that people don’t even realize is necessarily mine but it attracts my target audience, it is what they are looking for online and I would love to share techniques with youa. I do have a course that teaches you all this inside knows and if you are all about saving time feel free to check it out. You can do by so by going to get IG as Instagram but in the meantime I encourage you to spend sometime on Instagram, if you want the shortcuts if you want save yourself sometime and allow me to share my best tactics with you my inside information to become my private income academy well then I invite you to join us at but in the mean time it is my honor and my pleasure to spend with you here in Build Your Tribe. I will continue to provide you with the best content I have to inspire to motivate you and it just get you to try it just go for it whatever it is put your fear of failure, quiet your voice inside your head what if you don’t do it right, what if you are not ready, what if people don’t like it just quiet that voice and turn up the volume on that voice that is saying it is just an experiment and no ones going to die, I should at least try. Ladies and Gentlemen it is my goal to be brief to be bright and fun and be done. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you have I love to invite you this time to write a review write an honest review on ITunes and when I say honest review, I mean a review that will help me by letting me know what it is specifically what you like about those tribe if there is a certain type of content you want more of that is where I am going to know about it, it is also where people like you who are business owners or want to start their own business they read you read reviews of other podcast and it is in the reviews that you are oh wow that sounds what I am looking for I love it when you guys me five stars that is super cool but it’s very helpful to myself and to others who are looking at podcast when you can provide specific detail anyways that’s all for now. I love you. You are amazing. Go out and do great things.

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