Podcast – Which is Better? Strength Training or Cardio?

Cardio vs Strength Training: Which is the Best Exercise for Fat Loss?

Strength training or cardio? Which is most effective for fat loss, weight loss and overall health? The answer might surprise you! In this Car Smart episode, I take your most frequently asked questions about strength training and cardio and debunk some major myths about exercise.

Want to look and feel your best? Want to tap into the fountain of youth? It might be time to change up your exercise routine. Listen to find out why!

There’s a battle of the blogs happening – should you do cardio or strength training? I get tons questions in social media about this and what type of exercise is best. So many women are afraid strength training will bulk them up or that they won’t burn enough calories if they aren’t doing cardio. I’m here to answer your most frequently asked questions and help you decide what’s best for you.

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Cardio vs Strength Training: 

  • The answer to the BIG question: “What’s the best exercise?” (1:48)
  • Is strength training or cardio better for longevity, and how much cardiovascular training do you really need? (2:00)
  • What long bouts of steady state cardio do your body. (2:28)
  • The fastest way to rev up your metabolism and what to do if fat loss is your goal. (3:10)
  • How the fitness industry has brainwashed us when it comes to strength training or cardio and what’s actually true. (4:15)
  • Why strength training won’t bulk women up and what will. (6:50)
  • Which type of exercise is considered the fountain of youth and how it can make your hair, skin and nails healthier, too. (7:16)
  • What type of exercise increases your cortisol response (stress hormone levels) and why this causes most people to hold on to fat. (9:20)
  • What is muscle hypertrophy, does strength training or cardio cause this, and how does it affect your body? (10:20)
  • How often should you lift weights? (11:10)
  • Should you split body parts when you lift? (11:44)
  • Are workouts like PiYo or yoga considered strength training? (12:54)
  • What is “time under tension” and how does this affect your results? (13:20)
  • If you have to decide between strength training or cardio, which is better? (14:05)
  • How to get more bang for your buck when you train and how to get both strength training and cardio in at the same time. (14:20)
  • How exercise can actually be detrimental to your health. (15:20)
  • Which type of exercise keeps you from getting bored and hitting a plateau. (17:20)
  • How to lift to achieve best results. (18:00)

strength training or cardio

I hope you enjoy riding along with me in the car, and you find this episode helpful! Just like you should phase your diet, phasing your workouts can help you avoid hitting a plateau as well. If fat loss is your goal, exercise is just a small piece of the puzzle. To learn more about eating for fat loss, balancing hormones, healing your gut, and tapping into the fountain of youth, check out my nutrition coaching program 131 Method.

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