Island Hopping, Hotel Staff Fantasies, ADHD, Time Blindness and Greek Taxis

Bret and I recap our current travels in Greece, including: which islands we prefer and why, my need to be liked by hotel staff, how I’m coping with ADHD, what we’re loving and not loving about Greece and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Chat with the taxi driver
  • The difference between Mykonos and Paros (and thoughts on both places)
  • The thing I’m not loving about Greece
  • Why I need the hotel staff to like me (and what I’m doing about it)
  • How Uber works in Greece
  • My genuine confusion with hotel rooms and mirrors
  • Why I’m so proud of myself re: the amount of clothes I brought
  • How being late vs being on time can be such a sensitive and divisive topic for many
  • My wish for you re: travel
  • Why there are seasons in life for different things
  • Where Bret and I would want to travel/live outside of the USA
  • Covid restrictions on our travel



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