Jerk on our Flight, ADHD, Bob Update, Rocco, Shaun T Collab, Shoe Collection and More

This one is really a two-parter… I start off with a story about a serious jerk who disrupted our flight back from Vegas and my confrontation with the man. 

Then, Bret joins in for a follower Question and Answer. Topics covered include: the recent death of our very special chocolate lab Rocco, how Bret copes with my bad ADHD days, travel plans, the likelihood of a Shaun T fitness collab, Bob update and more!


You’ll find out:

  • Details on the conference I spoke at in Vegas
  • All the craziness that went down on the flight I took
  • Why my blood was boiling on the flight (AKA my pet peeve)
  • How I confronted the obnoxious guy
  • What it’s like to take Bob out
  • My recent ADHD shenanigans (that drive Bret cray)
  • Why Bret and I can’t watch certain news items
  • My thoughts on the Depp vs Heard trial
  • Why I never felt more stressed than when I was doing consumer fitness
  • Why I thought I was gifted in creating fitness (if I may say)
  • Why I do this podcast
  • My thoughts on collecting luxury items, like shoes



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