Podcast – You’re Not Listening | How to Be Heard

We all have room to grow in our relationships when it comes to communication. Whether you’re working on your own ability to be a better listener or you feel someone (important in your life) could improve their listening skills. Today, I get to the root of the matter by explaining how/why so much of our communication style is habitual (practiced for years!), different kinds of listening/listeners, how our environment factors into how we listen, and more! I’ll also provide some simple easy-to-remember tips to break bad listening habits and create good ones!


You’ll find out:

  • What my audience recently shared with me re: what they struggle with
  • How most of us learned how to communicate (with different examples)
  • Why/how we all listen differently
  • What is listening, exactly
  • Different kinds of listeners
  • Where we are the worst when it comes to listening
  • The golden rule to listening
  • What is RASA
  • How my parents were with listening
  • How to know you’re not a great listener
  • Why there’s likely to be a few people in your life who are strong listeners
  • Questions to ask yourself to improve your listening skills
  • What happens when we become better listeners
  • Why you might want to share this podcast with people in your life



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