Moving Meditation For Prosperity And Abundance

This episode was inspired by the PodSquad! I hopped into the group and asked which episodes/topics you most wanted. And today’s show encompasses 2 of the most highly requested: a new moving meditation and help with improving money/abundance mindset!



You’ll find out:

  • Why moving meditations are more productive for me, personally, than sitting still and meditating
  • Tips for how to listen to this moving meditation


  • All things are possible.
  • You are abundantly blessed. 
  • You have energy flowing towards you.
  • Money comes to you quickly and easily.
  • Every dollar you spend comes back to you tripled. 
  • Your wealth is increasing at an exceptional rate.
  • Every day you receive lavish abundant blessings.
  • You are deserving of wealth.
  • Money does not control you because you always know there’s more coming to you.
  • You are open and receptive to opportunities. 
  • You are good with money.
  • You are a huge success.
  • Your past experiences will help to fuel your future wealth.
  • You live in abundance.
  • Your energy and your beliefs are manifesting wealth.
  • The Universe is working to bring you exactly what you desire.
  • Enormous amounts of wealth are coming to you.
  • Thank the Universe because divine timing is on your side.
  • You trust and appreciate God’s timing completely.
  • Every day you experience gratitude for all the blessings you already have. 
  • The wealth that you’re attracting will help you to help others.
  • You are a generous and giving person. More money allows you to be more of those things.
  • Money is not good or bad. It’s simply energy. And you’re attracting more of it.
  • When you look around, you can’t believe how fortunate you are. Abundance and wealth is everywhere.
  • You are unstoppable and have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Prosperity is drawn to you. 
  • You are free to be as happy and as rich as you choose to be. 
  • You are confident and relaxed around the subject of money.
  • Money doesn’t make you worry. There’s more coming to you.
  • You use the language of abundance and avoid the language of lack.
  • The life and the people around you are overflowing with blessings.
  • Your financial situation is improving every day.  
  • Money is accumulating beyond your wildest dreams.
  • You can’t help but attract better opportunities and create more money. 
  • The wealth that you’re attracting is expanding the opportunities and experiences that you get to enjoy with the people you love. 
  • Financial abundance and massive success is within your reach.
  • Your bank account is ready to explode with more money than you can ever possibly need.
  • You have dropped your negative beliefs around wealth and money.
  • You are prosperous, you are wealthy, you are richly blessed.
  • Money is peaceful, money is neutral, money is beautiful.
  • You are more powerful than money.
  • You attract wealth to you so that you can improve the life of others.
  • You are getting richer and richer every single day.
  • You have the means available to buy whatever it is you desire.
  • Your wealth accumulates every night as you sleep. 
  • You are spiritually and emotionally equipped to handle all the wealth that is coming your way.  

And so much more!



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