Podcast – Take Control of Your Anxiety with Mel Robbins | The High 5 Habit

Today, I’m profoundly excited to bring to the show, my friend, Mel Robbins. Mel explains the science behind her simple High 5 Habit — how it can help reduce anxiety and promote a healthier view of self-perception. We’ll also take a deep dive into worry and how parents can do a better job of helping children deal with anxiety. If you or anyone you know struggles with anxiety, THIS is the game-changing episode you’ve been looking for!


You’ll find out:

  • The science (all the details!) behind the High 5 Habit
  • How the High 5 Habit rescued Mel
  • The dirty habit we all have re: looking in the mirror
  • New research, from Harvard, on leadership
  • Why there’s an anxiety epidemic
  • The root of people-pleasing
  • What happens in your brain when you high 5 yourself
  • How to know if you have anxiety vs worry
  • The story of Mel’s husband feeling like a failure
  • The difference between anxiety and a panic attack
  • The different layers of your nervous system
  • Mel’s thoughts on medication re: anxiety
  • The purpose anxiety serves (both positive and negative)
  • The 2 major mistakes parents make re: their kids’ worry
  • Mel’s thoughts on therapy for kids
  • Mel’s tip for keeping kids off of social media/phones



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