Podcast – Mompreneurs, SuperMoms, and the Pressure to Do it All

Today’s CarSmart is dedicated to all the moms out there. But even if you’re not a mom, you’ll find value in the tips shared. I’m about to voice my opinion on topics that might be considered controversial, like: who you choose to align with / pick as a mentor and how to be a good parent while struggling with the belief you’re supposed to do it all. In this episode, I’m giving you strategies that’ll help you manage your life better, keep your sanity, and — most importantly — stay true to your priorities.


You’ll hear:

  • The personal anecdote which motivated the recording of this pod
  • What you should look for when choosing a mentor
  • The sacrifices you must make when being a mom / entrepreneur
  • My best advice re: canceling out the noise (we hear about what we should be doing)
  • Why you should never compare your progress
  • A frank discussion on no redos and honoring priorities
  • Why you can’t use your kids as an excuse in your business
  • My #1 tip for what you should do TODAY



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