Podcast – My ADHD Full Story

Today, I get real and candid about my personal ADHD journey. You’ll learn: about my childhood, how I was diagnosed, and how ADHD has impacted my marriage/business/relationships. I hope that others — going through similar experiences — will find comfort (and even relief) from my stories.


You’ll also find out:

  • How ADHD was treated (and not treated) during my childhood
  • One-on-one real-time conversation with my mom (about what I was like as a child)
  • Why girls don’t often get diagnosed with ADHD
  • The teacher who didn’t like me (and why)
  • How ADHD had a negative impact on how I felt about my intelligence
  • When I began to feel smart
  • How I started to figure out ways to combat my ADHD (like, show up on time)
  • The first time I outsourced
  • The most important thing for you to do if you have ADHD
  • How I use ADHD to my advantage (AKA, Superpowers)
  • What I was doing (back in the day) that made my ADHD much worse
  • Why / how my ADHD diagnosis has been life-changing
  • The blood flow of those who have ADHD vs those who don’t
  • Why there’s a spectrum for ADHD
  • My side effects from supplements / meds
  • Why it was such a privilege to have parents who were always so low-key about everything
  • Peculiar things I do that may or may not have to do with my ADHD
  • What to do in place of giving your kids labels



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