My Diet Dilemma Part 2

Today’s podcast will be a continuation (hence the “part 2”) of the podcast released prior to this one! SO… HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. If you haven’t listened to My Diet Drama Part 1, make sure you go back and do that first to catch you up to speed. If you have listened to Part 1 already, I promise you that this second episode will settle any confusions you may have developed from listening to that first episode.

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First things first, I truly appreciate everyone who has shared their feelings and thoughts with me after listening in to Part 1. Your words have impacted me in ways I can not even begin to describe, and they have helped me to shape this episode that I bring to you now.

Throughout this episode, I will share with you a segment of my story, touching on my experiences and struggles that I’ve had with my health over the years. I have been confused and mislead many times, especially when consulting with medical professionals, and in turn have taken poor approaches that have put my health at (sometimes) a worsened state. I intend on sharing with you what did NOT work for me, especially in regards to the healthcare system that stands today.

After spending an exorbitant amount of money out of pocket to have lab tests performed and to see results that actually made sense, I have learned some things about myself (and countless other individuals just like me) that are truly unsettling to my mind. I found that I was experiencing malnourishment, and when I asked WHY, I was told that it was because I had Leaky Gut.

80% of the American population suffers from Leaky Gut without realizing they have the symptoms. Furthermore, it is really hard to get diagnosed with it, for it is very expensive to have these tests done. If you listen in to this podcast, you may discover that you have some of the symptoms! I urge you to pay close attention as I discuss with you the symptoms of Leaky Gut and take a body scan as you listen. Leaky Gut causes inflammation, and inflammation serves as the root cause of numerous other diseases.

From what I have experienced and overseen, I have come to realize that if you cure your Leaky Gut, you may be able to fit into a smaller waistband. BUT, in order to make an effort to cure it, you must familiarize yourself with how your gut and digestive process works, and I plan on teaching you just that!

Bottom line, I truly want to bring awareness to dieting and why it may be time for you to stop forcing yourself onto the latest and greatest fad diets. Dieting is not a permanent solution. I will express to you why you should simply learn HOW to be healthy instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

The past couple of months have been uniquely transformative for me. If you are one of my close followers, you may be somewhat familiar with what I’ve been up to with my team. In this podcast, I will be sharing with you briefly about the 131 Method (NOT a diet) that my team and I have been working around the clock to deliver to you, and you will learn some of the reasons behind why we felt the need to create such a program.

I urge you to head over to (after listening to this episode) to learn more about the 131 Method and listen to my story in greater detail. There, I will dive deeper into why my heart is deep in this method and why I feel it is my sole purpose to educate others.

Now I want you to think…

-Have you cut out countless things in your diet AND exercise daily, yet you still don’t like what you see in the mirror?

-Do you get prescribed pills or supplements when you visit your doctor, but you don’t really know why you need to take them?

-Do you want to get to the bottom of your vitamin deficiency and figure out WHY you are deficient, rather than resort to taking a supplement or pill?

-Do you know what your gut really is and what it consists of? Do you want to know if your gut is inflamed?

-Have you come to accept the fact that migraines, headaches, and a lack of sleep are normal?

-Have you ever wondered HOW the environment is worsening your state of health?

If any of these questions serve as a reminder of your thoughts, then I guarantee you that this podcast will bring a whole lot of clarity and relief to you, and I urge you to listen.I have been so excited to share with you all that I have learned, researched, and observed, and NOW is the time! I have found my purpose, and I believe that my purpose is to devote my time to help you realize that the approach to restoring your health is a personal one.

Hit me up on the socials and tell me what you thought about this episode. You mean the world to me, and I’d love to hear any experiences or thoughts you’d like to share.


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