My Diet Drama Part 1

So yes, It is widely-known that to be successful with growing your company, you must be reliable and consistent with releasing content. That especially is true with podcasting. For me, within the past few months I have been lacking in the consistency department (I’m sure you all noticed).

I made a decision to step away from podcasting as well as doing some things on social media. I had to turn down lots of interviews and projects (and YES it did cost me financially). I had all of this in mind, but honestly I was very fortunate, for I was in a position financially where I could set aside everything and focus on simply building what my heart longed to build.You all are amazing and I appreciate that you are understanding of where my priorities have been lately.

SO, I’m sure you’ve been asking where the heck I have been!! In this podcast, you will learn what I have been up to within the past few months.

I will be detailing the new program that my team and I have just released called (DRUMROLL PLEASE….) The 131 Method, and you can head over to (after listening to this podcast) to check it out and read all about it.

I have never been a huge fan of dieting, and I never intended in my life to build a diet program. So to clarify, this is COMPLETELY different. If there’s a simple way to explain The 131 Method, I would word it as the “anti-diet”.

You may not be aware of this, but 95% of individuals who go on diets do indeed lose a lot of weight, but they gain it ALL back and then some. NO one-size-fits-all approach is gonna be a permanent solution, I promise you that.

Throughout this episode of The Chalene Show, I will dive into my prior experiences with my health and why I feel so strongly about educating individuals to restore their health in a personalized way.

NOW, let’s talk about our guts. That sounds odd, I know. BUT REALLY. My mind was completely blown after learning about all of the things our gut is responsible for. Gut health is MORE important than anything else. It affects every part of your body and most of our illnesses can be repaired through restoring your gut health. Hopefully, if you listen in to this podcast, I can perhaps blow your mind as well.

Here’s an update:
After listening to this Part 1 podcast, make sure you go and listen to My Diet Dilemma Part 2! Part 2 will continue this discussion and will inform you of all you need to know to repair your gut health.

I will even help you to determine whether you may have symptoms for Leaky Gut. Definitely check it out. Leaky Gut is the root cause of countless other illnesses, and it is often hard to be diagnosed, because it can be rather costly to have tests done. Part 2 will for sure clarify any confusion you may have after Part 1.


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