My Lymphatic Massage Deep Dive

Today, I talk about, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood components of the immune system — your lymphatic system. A topic, by the way, I’ve never covered on The Chalene Show.

I’ll give you a crash course on the subject, plus… 

I welcome Sylvia Mizokami (owner of Mizokami ACSL and creator of the proprietary massage technique, The MACSL Technique) to the show. We’ll discuss everything you wanted to know about lymphatic massages, including: how it prevents disease/illness/infection, how it rids your body of toxins and home treatments.


You’ll also find out:

  • What is your lymphatic system
  • Questions that’ll prove this episode is a must-listen for you
  • I walk you through my lymphatic massage experience
  • How a lymphatic massage differs from a typical massage
  • Where lymph nodes live on your body
  • Why you should never wait for lymphatic drainage
  • What is lymphedema
  • How to know your lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly
  • Common misdiagnosis
  • Tips on getting over self-consciousness re: getting a lymphatic massage
  • How the lymph system helps break down fat cells
  • Why some surgeons say lymphatic massage is unnecessary
  • At-home self treatments that’ll help your lymphatic system




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