NYC Mother-Daughter Trip

Join me in NYC with my daughter, Cierra, sister, Jenelle, and high school bestie, Jen Delvaux. This episode starts off with a recap of why we decided to take this quick trip to New York City, my upcoming crazy schedule and some stellar advice for parents transitioning from one season to the next.

Then, you’ll get to take a cab ride with us as we — more seasoned — ladies quiz Cierra on what she thinks about gals of a certain age, how to dress, wigs, culinary skills and the kind of banter that just happens after a killer night out.

For those who love drag — the Alyssa Edwards Life, Love and Lashes show was rated A+ by all us girls and highly recommended (assuming you are LGBTQ+ friendly)!



You’ll find out:

  • Why my consultations in NYC were like night and day
  • My advice for anyone considering elective surgery
  • Fly on the wall recording of all of us ladies
  • What my life will look like in the next month
  • My review of the show
  • Why I feel so content and fulfilled re: trips and seeing the world
  • Why I suggest putting your dreams on paper (and my own experience with this)
  • My rule on how to dress (age vs personality)
  • One of my favorite stories about Jenelle



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