Podcast – Part 2 | Searching for a Biological Parent

This is Part 2 in a series about my best friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno, who learned that the man who raised her was not actually her biological father. In this episode, you’ll hear the backstory of this fascinating real-life story that’s sure to grip your attention — whether or not you can relate to never knowing your biological parents.


You’ll discover…

  • Mcayla’s earliest memory of not feeling safe
  • The circumstances around Mcayla meeting her mom for the 1st time at 7 years old
  • How Mcayla found out the man who had been raising her and (and her brother) was, in fact, not her father
  • How he — Mcayla’s “father” — responded when confronted by Mcayla
  • What Mcayla’s mom’s reaction was when Mcayla informed her of the abuse she endured
  • When and why Mcayla began thinking of finding her birth father
  • Why I was frustrated listening to a recorded phone call with Mcayla and her mom
  • How Mcayla finally found out the name of her birth father



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