Podcast – Personal Update Plus the Status of Turbo and PiYo

I felt the timing was right for a new life update — which includes (what I know about) the future of Turbo & PiYo workouts. You’re also going to get filled in on the newest not-to-be-believed happenings of Marge and Bill (my parents). If you’re a true lifer, you’re going to be obsessed with this episode!


You’ll find out:

  • Why I decided to record this podcast and release it same-day
  • The story behind my dad’s accident which caused his leg to be amputated
  • My dad’s recent hysterical story while playing Pickleball
  • The unbelievable story of my parents’ journey to their new home 
  • The history behind my workout programs
  • How my workouts garnered the attention of Beachbody
  • Why we really sold our company to Beachbody
  • Why I went to grief counseling re: after having sold to Beachbody
  • What exactly Beachbody decided to end (and what it has to do with me, if anything)
  • The unparalleled joy of teaching a live fitness class
  • Why it’s not the format that counts in a fitness class (but what really does count)
  • How truly difficult it is to teach a fitness class
  • How to show your gratitude to a fitness instructor (and why you should)



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