So Many Social Media Platforms | How Do You Master Them All Without Burnout?

Back in the early days of Social Media, there were really only a few platforms to choose from. But today — there are too many to list!

So, how do you learn to master them all or decide which platform might work best for you and your business — while NOT experiencing burnout? 

Today, I share a system that works to help you not only master the platforms you’d like to use but, also, keep from getting completely burnt out!


You’ll also find out:

  • Why it’s so easy to get sucked in to working 24/7 when you’re an entrepreneur
  • Why it’s important to be realistic about your bandwidth
  • Which platform you should be on if your thing is short-form video
  • Which platform you should be on if you’re an expert
  • Which platform you should be on if your thing is static images / photos
  • How to find experts you can trust
  • What I use my IG feed for
  • Why/how there are seasons in business




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