9 Bad Habits to Drop ASAP

If you’re like most of my podcast listeners, you’re the kind of person who’s committed to leveling up each year. And with the New Year just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to eliminate the bad habits holding you back. 

Stick around and you’ll get some top-notch tips on how to do just that, because we’re diving deep into nine habits you need to say goodbye to ASAP. Let’s get started!

1. The Secret Sauce to Breaking Bad Habits

Before you aim to slay all nine dragons, here’s my golden rule: don’t tackle them all at once. Seriously, trying to break all your bad habits in one go is a one-way ticket to Overwhelm City. Instead, save this article, and focus on breaking just one habit that you feel is really tripping you up. Master it, and then move on to the next one. Simple, right?

2. Social Media: The Enemy of Focus

We’ve all been there—mid-workout or deep into a project, and that irresistible urge to check social media kicks in. Next thing you know, 20 minutes have vanished. My advice? Put your phone on airplane mode during these key focus times. Be conscious of when you reach for that phone, and nip that habit in the bud.

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3. The Art of Mindful Decision Making

Saying yes or no without thinking it through can be a sneaky pitfall. Instead, give yourself some breathing room. A simple, “Can I get back to you on that?” can do wonders. You’ll find that this small pause helps you assess whether an opportunity genuinely excites you or if it’s just another obligation you could do without.

4. Ditch Self-Talk that Sabotages Your Progress

Pay close attention to your inner monologue. Are you hearing phrases like, “It’s just one cookie, it won’t hurt” or “I can skip the gym today; I had a rough day”? That’s your self-talk setting you up for failure. Kick these limiting phrases to the curb, and replace them with empowering thoughts that align with your goals.

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5. Conquer the Time Trap: Short Tasks

Ever notice how a two-hour task can sometimes stretch into an all-day affair? That’s what I like to call the Time Trap. To avoid this, set a clear start and end time for each task on your to-do list. Treat these tasks like deadlines, not suggestions, and you’ll find that you’re not only more productive but also have more free time on your hands.

6. Overcome Overwhelm by Working Smarter, Not Harder

When the to-do list starts piling up, the instinct is to grind harder. But take it from me: pushing yourself to the brink won’t solve the problem of overwhelm. Instead, prioritize the tasks that truly matter and consider offloading the rest. Whether it’s delegating chores at home or outsourcing work, free up mental space to focus on what’s really important.

7. Emotional Eating and Drinking: The Subtle Saboteurs

More often than not, we find ourselves eating or drinking to fill an emotional void. Instead of reaching for that tub of ice cream or pouring another glass of wine, ask yourself, “Is this really what I need right now?” Monitoring your emotional eating and drinking habits can offer profound insights into your emotional well-being.

8. Stop the Worry Wheel from Spinning Into Bad Habits

Worrying not only wastes time but also drains your emotional reservoir. Identify the difference between constructive planning and pointless worrying. Adopt a more action-oriented mindset to stop the worry wheel from spinning out of control.

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9. The Power of a Daily Schedule

Last but not least, don’t dive into your day without a game plan. Creating a well-thought-out daily schedule gives you a roadmap for your day and allows you to focus on your priorities. Trust me, a little planning goes a long way in reclaiming your time and sanity.

Time to Take Action!

So, there you have it: nine game-changing habits to shake off as you gear up for the New Year. Choose one and make it your mission for the week. Transformation is just around the corner.

More Tips and Strategies to Combat Bad Habits:

Now go, break those bad habits and unleash your best self!

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