Podcast – Best Podcasting Strategies Tips and Tools with Paul Colligan Part 1

This is a must listen to episode for anyone considering starting a podcast or if you have a podcast already!! Today’s interview is with Paul Colligan, the go to expert when it comes to all things podcasting. In this 2 part episode, Paul shares with me all of his insider tips, strategies and exciting new tools that help with everything from production to promotion of your podcast.  Get ready to take notes and kill it in the podcasting world!!


You’ll learn:

  • Whether or not you should divide your podcast into seasons and what Paul would recommend I do with mine, despite having hundreds of episodes
  • A resource you can use to send podcast listeners text messages for additional resources
  • How to decide which form of media is best for growing your audience and email list
  • Paul’s 4 Ms of Podcast Monetization
  • How often you should try to get on other people’s podcasts
  • What Apple and Google are doing with your podcast episodes
  • How Apple vs social platforms make money and what this means for your podcast
  • Whether or not you should partner with a podcast brand
  • The latest news on directories
  • The importance of outsourcing with your podcast

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