Podcast – The Power of Pinterest has Evolved, with Rachel Emma Waring

If you’re struggling to get traffic on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, you’ll learn on today’s episode why Pinterest may just be your ticket to growing a following! I interview, Pinterest expert, Rachel Emma Waring — who shares mind-blowing tips and strategies every business owner / entrepreneur / influencer needs to know! To be honest, it’s because of this conversation I’m freaking inspired to get back on my Pinterest game!


You’ll find out:

  • Why Pinterest is a gateway for introducing yourself to new people
  • How Pinterest differs from other social media platforms
  • The time involved to grow your Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest is more like Google or YouTube than Instagram
  • Why / how Pinterest encourages you to send your viewers to other sites
  • What is a pin
  • What gets a lot of people to see your content
  • Why most of the time searches on Pinterest are unbranded and how that benefits you
  • Where you put your search terms on Pinterest
  • What is a board
  • Details on video pins and why you should be using them
  • What features does Pinterest favor
  • Portrait or landscape posts — which is better
  • Why pinning once a day may be all you need to do to grow your account
  • Is it important to clean house if you haven’t pinned in a while?
  • Which industries MUST be on Pinterest
  • Why / how Pinterest can be great marketing for your podcast
  • Why you should utilize all the options (Pinterest provides) to promote your thing
  • What is the headliner app
  • Why captions on your video pins are crucial
  • Do Story pins expire?
  • All you need to know about Story pins
  • The 411 on using a scheduling app for Pinterest
  • How important is it to look at insights on Pinterest?
  • Why it’s imperative not to judge the performance of your pins too quickly
  • Why Pinterest is less chatty than other platforms



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