Podcast – I Will Delete this Episode Soon | The Power of Scarcity and Urgency

On today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, I’ll share what I feel is the crucial element so many people — who want to sell — are leaving out of their business and/or online platform. Why are millions ignoring this easy hack that’ll ensure you “close the sale,” if you will? Follow my tips in this episode and you’ll immediately change the game in your biz or side hustle by getting peeps to take action NOW!


You’ll also find out…

  • Why and how you need to reframe the way you feel about the word sales
  • What sales really means
  • What people are surprisingly motivated by — which leads them to take action
  • Examples of how you can create and should be creating scarcity
  • How brands like Starbucks and Birkin create a scarcity mindset
  • A personal anecdote detailing how my 19 year old daughter, Cierra, creates scarcity with her brand
  • Why giving people more than today to think about something is too long
  • What I learned as a car sales rep
  • How creating scarcity and urgency in your sales / brand  today is a more powerful, necessary, and relevant tool than ever before



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