Is Your Real Life Taking A Back Seat To Your Work? with, Richie Norton

Work can be an addiction and being busy can give you a high. And, when combined, can result in a deadly combination — getting so caught up in our calendar and to-do lists that we forget to live our lives.  

Today, I welcome my friend, Richie Norton. Richie has come up with a revolutionary and simple way to flip the idea of time management on its head! 

This is an important concept for us all to think about right now because working remotely has become a reality for so many. 

Meaning, the opportunity to create more flexibility and rethink the concept of a balanced life is more possible than ever — whether you’re an entrepreneur or working for somebody else! 


You’ll find out:

  • Why it’s strange that time management has gotten into the personal self-help vernacular
  • What time management was originally designed for
  • One of my struggles when I first became an entrepreneur
  • Questions that’ll help you figure out if there’s flexibility in your work/life balance
  • What is time tipping
  • How time management lies to you
  • The idea behind every project should create time not take time
  • How Richie defines flexibility (with time)
  • What Richie means by unbalancing things
  • The risks to look out for when it comes to our own strengths
  • Why a goal should be set outside of your experience
  • Why you should prioritize how you get paid last (versus first – which most people do)
  • How we break the cycle of fear (to start or reprioritize)
  • How much of our schedule should have open flexibility and what does that look like?
  • What is anti-time management
  • What the first half of my day looks like
  • Why a full calendar isn’t productive nor helpful
  • Different ways to measure success
  • Do you have to experience tragedy to understand the importance of time management?



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