Entrepreneurship is a Marathon | with, Natalie Jill

Today’s episode is a little different as I will be the guest! I’m interviewed by my good friend, Natalie Jill — fellow Podcaster and very successful entrepreneur. We talk about all the things entrepreneurs face, regardless of where they are in their journey, like: how to make money online, what type of mentor is right for you, the importance of telling your story and so much more!


You’ll find out:

  • Why we need to relate to someone to learn from them
  • What I first taught Natalie that changed the game for her (and shocked her, too)
  • Why dream smaller is powerful
  • My advice to those who feel stuck
  • Why you need to narrow your focus
  • Why it’s imperative to find a mentor who aligns with (and understands) your values
  • Why your brand may not be growing (even when you feel like you’re doing all the things)
  • Where I spend 80% of my time in business
  • Why people’s level of trust goes down (with influencers, etc.)
  • Why it’s crucial to hire someone part-time NOW (and where, how)
  • My thoughts on perfectionism and failure



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