Entrepreneurship is a Marathon with Natalie Jill

Feeling stuck in your entrepreneurial journey? It might be simpler to break free than you think. Recently, I chatted with Natalie Jill, a powerhouse entrepreneur and an old friend. We dissected the good, bad, and the ugly of what it means to run a business.

The Groundbreaking Approach Natalie Jill Took

You’d be amazed to know that when Natalie started her business journey, she didn’t have some grand scheme or even a college degree in Business Administration. Nope! She started by photographing her meals and selling PDF workout guides.

This just goes to show that starting small is not a bad thing—in fact, it’s often the best thing. It’s less about having a groundbreaking concept and more about using what you have right now. 

  • Got a closet full of things you don’t use? Sell them
  • Have a particular skill? Offer it as a service. 

Essentially, nurture a side hustle before you even think of scaling it to a full-time “business.”

Finding a Mentor That Aligns With Your Values

It’s a common phrase that “success leaves clues.” And it does, but the question is, whose clues are you going to follow? 

My advice: Look for mentors who are living a life that aligns with yours. If you find someone who is all about business and nothing else, chances are you won’t click if you value work-life balance like I do.

So, let your intuition be your compass. And don’t be afraid to disregard what others might say or think about your choices. With time and experience, you’ll find that your inner radar for sniffing out incompatible mentors will only get stronger.

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Real-Life Transparency vs. Instagram Perfection

Natalie Jill remembers a time when Instagram was all about aesthetic perfection. But guess what? People are tired of perfection; they want to see the real you. Transparency is the new black, my friends.

Now, authenticity is an often-overused buzzword, but it’s golden. Natalie and I agree that sharing the raw, messy, and even chaotic aspects of your life can create a deep-rooted connection with your audience. It builds trust, and trust is everything in business.

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The Trap of Perfectionism in Entrepreneurship

This one is big, especially for the creatives out there. A lot of us get paralyzed by the idea that everything has to be “perfect.” Let me tell you, the faster you make mistakes, the faster you learn.

So if you find yourself stuck in this perfectionism loop, seek professional help. Your confidence in business is crucial. Move fast, break things, and remember: small glitches and typos won’t derail your journey to success.

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Email Lists: The Underrated Goldmine

While many of us focus our energies on social media, remember that it’s not the end-all-be-all. Your email list is like a goldmine waiting to be tapped. I personally spend about 80% of my time creating free courses, trainings, and resources that people can access by signing up.

The mantra is simple: offer value and nurture your leads. This kind of authentic interaction is what leads to sales, not aggressive marketing.

Key Nuggets from Natalie Jill:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of starting small.
  • Your mentors should be a reflection of your values.
  • Transparency trumps perfection every single time.
  • Speed is more important than perfection.
  • An email list is not optional; it’s essential.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your extra time into extra income!

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