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If you’ve been feeling like you missed the boat because you’re in your 40s, 50s, or even 70s and haven’t built a personal brand yet, don’t sweat it. Seriously. I’m thrilled you’re here because this post is designed just for you. Listen, you didn’t miss anything. In fact, I’d argue this is the best time to build a personal brand, especially if you’re over 40.

You may be wondering if you have to quit your job or become a social media sensation to start building a brand. Well, I’m here to share all those answers with you. Trust me, I’ve been through it and have helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you get started.

So sit tight, we’re diving deep today!

Why Your Age is Your Superpower in Personal Branding

You see, our generation has something unique to offer — experience, authenticity, relatability, and yes, even wisdom. It’s about time we leverage these incredible assets for the benefit of not just ourselves but others too. Marketing firms, brands, PR agencies— they’re all clamoring to work with people who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s. Why? Because age brings a sense of trustworthiness and realness that’s tough to fabricate. So if you’ve been holding back thinking your age is a hurdle, let me tell you, it’s actually your superpower.

Now, I’m not going to feed you the line that “everyone should do this.” Not everyone needs to build a personal brand. But if you’re here, listening to me talk about it, something inside you is nudging you in that direction. So, are you willing to listen to that inner voice?

How Much Time and Effort Does Building a Personal Brand Really Require?

First off, let’s tackle the time commitment. Can you do this part-time? Absolutely. You don’t have to drop everything; you don’t have to become an empty nester overnight. But let me be clear, the more time you invest, the quicker your brand will grow. It’s as simple as that. So ask yourself: Do you have a few hours a week to start devoting to this journey?

The Two-Fold Benefit: Legacy and Security

Building a personal brand doesn’t just help you professionally; it’s an avenue to leave your mark on the world. Think about your life experiences, your unique perspective. Don’t you want to share that richness with others? That’s your legacy. On the flip side, let’s be practical too. Jobs aren’t what they used to be, the economy is unpredictable, and a single source of income is, let’s face it, risky. Building a personal brand provides a layer of financial security. It’s like having a Plan B that also serves as your legacy.

Do You Really Need to Build a Personal Brand?

Here’s the deal. If neither the idea of leaving a legacy nor having a financial safety net excites you, maybe building a personal brand isn’t for you. And that’s totally okay. But understand this— you already have a personal brand; it’s how people describe you when you’re not in the room. The question is, do you want to take control of that narrative? Do you want to turn it into something bigger, perhaps even a business?


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Navigating the Twisty Path of Choosing a Single Focus

Alright, friends, let’s dive into the big ol’ question: How do you pick that one thing for your personal brand? I mean, I get it. It’s like being in a candy store and someone saying you can only pick one candy for the rest of your life. That’s terrifying! Especially when you’re someone who has many interests, skills, and passions.

Remember when I told you I was spread so thin trying to be everything to everyone? I realized I had to put on my blinders and double down on one thing: Fitness. Was it my Uber, Uber passion? Nah, not really. My true passion is teaching, but at that moment, fitness was my golden ticket.

Your Personal Brand Starts with a Choice

Your first step? Make a list of all your passions and skills. Next to each, jot down why it could be “the thing.” Then circle the one or two where you see real opportunity—a market need, a problem you can solve uniquely, or something that just screams “This is me!”

The thing is, there might already be a ton of people doing what you want to do. But guess what? No one does it your way. That’s your magic, your secret sauce. In my case, I had a unique take on designing choreography for fitness classes, and I knew it was a problem I could solve.

Facing the Fear of Losing Interest (From Others and Yourself)

Once you zero in on that one thing, it’s time to declare it to the world. And let me tell you, this is where you’ll start to see some unfollows, some raised eyebrows, and some “Huh, I thought you were into XYZ” comments. Just like my son Brock experienced when he switched his focus to Instagram growth tips. But that’s perfectly okay! You’re not trying to be a jack-of-all-trades anymore. You’re aiming to be a master of one.

Reinvention Isn’t a Dirty Word, It’s Just the Next Chapter

So, what if down the line you feel like you’ve outgrown your niche? Well, then it’s time for an evolution, baby! You’re not reinventing; you’re just entering your next chapter. I was once a fitness guru, and then I switched lanes to become a lifestyle and business expert. Did it happen overnight? Heck no! I had to actively tell people, “Hey, this is what I’m about now.”


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How to Pivot Your Personal Brand without Losing Your Identity

If you’re struggling with moving on from your previous niche, take it from someone who’s been there. It’s scary but oh-so-liberating. Start by updating your social media bios and content to reflect your new focus. Trust me, you’re not losing your identity; you’re just refining it.

Your Personal Brand is a Living, Breathing Entity

Listen, your personal brand isn’t set in stone. It’s more like clay. You can mold it, reshape it, and even start from scratch if you need to. Just remember, the key to a successful personal brand is to pick a lane, go all in, and be the realest, most authentic version of yourself. And when it’s time to evolve? Embrace it with open arms.

The Age-Defying Confidence Hack

If there’s one thing I cherish about reaching midlife, it’s that unmistakable, age-fueled confidence. I mean, there’s something so empowering about being able to say, “Well, I’m older than you.” And if we’re talking about personal branding, especially when you’re in your midlife, confidence plays a huge role. I believe long-form video is the game changer here. Whether it’s YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram Live, these platforms offer you the opportunity to be your true self.

The overproduced videos with flying emojis, jump cuts, and flashy captions don’t speak to me. And I bet they don’t speak to you either. Let’s embrace our reality, our age, and the immense buying power and influence we hold. If someone labels you old, thank them. Making it this far in life and still being relevant is a privilege!

Make Trust Your Currency

As you may know, trust is vital when building a personal brand. It’s your currency. The way you can accelerate that trust is through showing your face and being yourself in videos. Seeing facial expressions is a human instinct we use to gauge trustworthiness.

You don’t have to give up your podcast or audio-only content, but consider supplementing it with video. I gained over 70,000 new followers just this month on YouTube because the visual element helps me connect with you on a deeper level. You know, you could still listen to YouTube videos while driving. But seeing someone’s face, their expressions, their authenticity—that’s how trust is built.

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Minimalism and Personal Brand: Less Is More

Alright, time to chuckle. Yes, I’m talking about minimalism, but hear me out. When you’re constantly on the move, whether for your personal brand or otherwise, efficiency is key. Minimalism isn’t just about less stuff; it’s about more freedom—the freedom to move, to be, and to grow your personal brand.

Rebrand Your Social Media Presence After 45

Here’s the practical part. Let’s talk about revamping your Instagram bio, for instance. First, let’s get a clear headshot up there, okay? Your face is a big part of your brand. Social media platforms like Instagram are search engine optimized, so utilize that name field wisely. Instead of repeating your name, use it to describe what you do. This is where you establish your personal brand.

Now, about the username. Make sure it’s uniform across all platforms. It aids in recognition and searchability. And remember, folks, your personal brand starts with your personal name.

Build Your Personal Brand Now, Because Why Not?

So here’s the tea: Your age is not a limitation; it’s a superpower, especially when it comes to building a personal brand. You’ve got the wisdom, the buying power, and the network. You just need to start, so why not now?

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🎙️ If you found this interesting, there’s more to dive into. I’ve got a podcast episode that goes even deeper into building a personal brand over 40. You can listen to episode 1016 of The Chalene Show right here.

🎥 And for the visual learners, watch this content on YouTube: Watch here.

Keep being your amazing self. Your personal brand needs you, just as you are.


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