How To Choose One Passion To Focus On

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Everyone reading this right now has a multitude of interests, experiences and skills. The challenge, though, comes when nothing in particular rings most true for us; when there’s no ONE passion that speaks to us most to choose (or focus on) as a career or brand.

And oftentimes, this problem is exacerbated by looking at successful individuals who happen to be multi-interested, multi-passionate and serve multiple purposes. So, we look at them and want to be just like them — assuming we, also, can talk about all the things.

We Choose To Look At Others and All Their Passions and Think We Can Do The Same

It’s natural to see that example of the multi-hyphenate and want to be as versatile as possible with your interests, too. You’re thinking,

“I want to appeal to as many people as I can, and I’m not going to limit myself!”

Here is where I’d like to use my own story as an example…

I was always interested and excited about fitness. It was something that I had passion for, but it wasn’t THE thing I was most passionate about. And, to be honest, I had lots of other things I was doing at the same time that I would’ve preferred to be known for.

And I was also consciously aware that if I decided to choose fitness as my main path, that it would  be a tremendous opportunity to make money and be known within that industry! 

My great mentor at the time said,

“Stay focused on fitness first. Eat all of your peas before you move on to eat your mashed potatoes — we’re not gonna mix them all together.”

This dictum really gave me the permission, if you will, to gradually move onto the next thing with my audience. And then, the next thing.

Bottom line: You’ve got to choose and pursue one thing at a time.

I Decided To Choose To Be Known for Fitness First Before Moving Onto Other Passions with My Audience

Here’s the thing, I know so many of you are struggling right now:

  • You want something of your own.
  • You’ve lost your job.
  • You worry about the future.
  • You want to live with purpose.

But when do you know it’s time or have permission to talk about all the other things? Well, I invited Rory Vaden on The Chalene Show to help you figure that out!

On the pod (below), Rory will walk you through a unique exercise that has helped thousands to choose their path. Believe me, response to this show has been off the charts! Take a listen…

Listening to podcasts, doing online courses, reading PDFs, are all incredibly helpful. But there are certain people who need to be guided and walked through a process. And that means having a real person helping them see what they aren’t able to. Even if it’s right in front of them.

Mr. Vaden’s team believes in the power of finding your brand’s message and honing in on where you are now and should be in 5 years.

And if you’re reading this and thinking, “But I don’t even have a brand. I’m just trying to figure out what my thing is.”

Good news. Rory does that, too.

His primary business model is one-on-one coaching. Real live human-to-human phone calls with brand strategists. Which, let’s be honest, in 2004 was unheard of — much less 2020.

And for my lifers, Rory is offering this rare one-on-one phone conversation for FREE.

Because this is such a crazy opportunity, he can only offer for it for a limited time.

So please, I encourage you not to wait and take advantage of this special offer NOW!

You just sign up and schedule a time to chat with one of their brand strategists!

It’s time to uncover what you’re supposed to be doing, get clarity, break through, become known and take your message to the next level!

GO HERE to schedule that call before it’s too late and get ready to finally have clarity and purpose with your life!


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  1. This was an inspiring and helpful Podcast I needed to hear Chalene! So glad I found you and Rory. I’m going to book my call and hope it’s not too late. I loved it!

    Thank you!

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