Why Popular Instagram Accounts Are Private

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It seems that there are many popular Instagram accounts going private these days — especially some of the most widely followed meme accounts. So, why?

What do these accounts have to gain by changing their accounts to private?

Why So Many Popular Instagram Accounts Have Changed Their Status To Private

Bottom line: These particular IGs do this because they can. As in, they already have millions of followers.

Let’s break this down:

If you have a private super popular Instagram account where you post memes all day, a lot of your posts are going to get re-shared. A plethora of those posts are guaranteed to get sent via group chats to friends, direct message, etc. 

So, that means when person A sends your private post to person B and person B doesn’t follow you… person B is going to have to follow you to see that funny content!

And oftentimes when someone is sharing from a popular meme account, they might say to their followers something like,

“Hey dude, check this out! Just follow them – it’s super funny stuff like all the time!”

Hence, the whole experience gives off a chic private club where the cool kids hang out vibe kinda thing.

Popular Kids At School Is The Vibe Private Instagram Accounts Are Going For

All of this is supposed to, ultimately, help these private accounts grow their following and become more popular.

Or, that’s the idea, at least.

But, to be honest, does this work if you don’t have millions of followers already? Probably not. Does this work if you aren’t getting thousands and thousands of shares per post? Probably not.

Because of which, this is not a strategy I would ever recommend — unless you’re the owner of a meme account with 5 million followers. But hey, if that’s the case, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog.

Real Talk.

If you’re trying to build your business, and, by extension, grow your instagram account, you shouldn’t have a private account. But what kind of account SHOULD you have?

At this time, there are 4 to choose from and you need to know which one is best for growing your following! Check out this Build Your Tribe episode for the answer:

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